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8 Neville Street
Newcastle upon Tyne


The place where we give you a closer look at the best bits including events, Promotions, opportunities and any sort of out of hours revelry we get up to. If it's not in here it's not worth talking about.

50% off for students
Drop the paper and pick up a pizza!

It's cold, damp and reasonably miserable, so here at Central we greet the English winter with a royal two finger salute. Grab a ray of sunshine with 50% off pizzas for students. That means you can get a top notch 12inch Neapolitan pizza from just £3.50: BONUS!! We all know you're fond of getting your hands on a cheesy 12inch, so click the link below and book now. Bookings must be between 3-6pm or 9-11pm.

Introducing Head Chef
Andrea Muru

After moving to the UK in 2014 to pursue his passion, Muru worked in Manchester’s award-winning Ply Pizzeria. The Oven & Shaker team were so impressed with his pizzas they managed to persuade him to make the move to Newcastle and launch the city centre’s newest and biggest Neapolitan pizza parlour. Alongside his Italian imported wood-burning pizza oven and authentic baking methods, we truly believe our pizzas to be one-of-a-kind.

Cocktails with an
Italian Twist

Unique to Oven & Shaker, we’ve created a glorious but beautifully simple range of flavours, styles and tastes that have raided the veg patch, sweet shop and pantry. We’ve come up with an experimental but brilliant list with our very own Italian twist. Every Pinner’s dream!

What makes a

It all starts with San Marzano tomatoes, grown on the volcanic plains to the south of Mount Vesuvius and mozzarella Campana. We use Buffalo mozzarella which is made from the milk from water buffalo raised in the marshlands of Campania and Lazio. We also use traditional wheat flour dough for all our bases and have a gluten free option if required. After 52 hours proving, our dough is transferred to the kitchen. It then takes 10 seconds to stretch, 30 seconds to top and 90 seconds to bake; all that’s left is the two minutes it takes to eat! #moredoughbro